FOXO understands that success is never accomplished alone. Therefore, we appreciate our sponsors and those that support us for their generous contribution of time, monies and hard work to help make the vision possible. However, it is imperative that before one can contribute to the solution one must understand the situation.

Today’s Situation Vs. The Solution

Today’s Situation

African American males age 18-35 in Baltimore, 56% were under criminal justice supervision on any given day. 34,025 of Baltimore’s 60,715 African American males ages 18-35 were either in jail or prison, on probation or parole, out on bond awaiting disposition of criminal charges or being sought on arrest warrant.

Today’s Situation

African American youth accounted for 32% of all juvenile arrests while white youth accounted for 18%. However, when drug arrests were isolated, white youths accounted for only 9% while African American youth made up 91% of all juvenile drug arrests.

Today’s Situation

Overall, the number of African American drug offenders sentenced to prison increased by 70% between 1985 and 1995. Most returning prisoners have not completed high school, have limited employment skills and have histories of substance abuse and health problems.

Today’s Situation

Returning prisoners have served longer sentences than in the past as a result of sentencing reforms of the past two decades, including mandatory minimums and truth-in-sentencing laws.

The Solution/Strategy

F.O.X.O believes that there are many strategies which are essential if we truly want to reintegrate ex-offenders into the community. These strategies are provide real partnerships between the ex-offender and the community, developing focus groups, establishing and promoting a resource centers and education centers, providing support groups and venues for the ex-offender to describe their experiences and journey, and providing employment opportunities for the ex-offender. The main strategy is to provide opportunities for the ex-offenders to be an integral part

The main strategy is to provide opportunities for the ex-offenders to be an integral part in turning our communities around by allowing them to provide education on crime, crime prevention and deterrence to the communities, and schools which they once targets for crime. This approach can be taken by using FOXO’s concept that Proper Education Always Corrects Error (P.E.A.C.E.)

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