• FOXO educates and trains ex-offenders to become proactive agents of change for youth that would otherwise pursue a life of crime as a survival mechanism. In addition, FOXO develops focus groups that allow the reintegrated offenders to have a real voice and input in the output of society’s expectations of their social conformity through behavioral modification.
  • For the public safety manager and reentry/recovery service provider, FOXO has developed s series of workshops and curricula to help managers and providers to not only better understand and serve the population in way that improves the quality of services and increases positive measurable outcomes.
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  • FOXO believes in advocacy for and advocacy by ex-offenders. FOXO monitors policies and practices that impact ex-offenders, and regularly engages policymakers and practitioners with and on behalf of the ex-offender population.
  • FOXO also provides opportunities for the ex-offenders to be an integral part in turning our communities around by allowing them to provide education on crime, crime prevention and deterrence to the communities, schools and PTOs that they once targeted for crime using FOXO’s concept that Proper Education Always Corrects Errors (PEACE).

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