The Fraternal Order of X-Offenders (FOXO) is a nonprofit, community-based and grassroots organization spear-headed by X-Offenders who have personal experience, professional academic wisdom and understanding about juvenile delinquency and criminal behavior. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, FOXO’s reach, membership and impact extends to diverse populations across the nation.

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Our Mission

The mission of FOXO is to design, develop and implement innovative, creative and proactive crime prevention strategies, through research, programs and training that incorporate the unconventional methodologies and empiricism of the X-Offender population.

Our Objectives

FOXO endeavors to identify the risk factors that contribute to juvenile delinquency and adult criminality and to develop protective factors that foster behavior modification and maximize individual and community resiliency to deter delinquent and criminal behavior. In doing so, we implement a “4-C Paradigm:”

  • To increase the awareness of the problems of crime, drugs and violence in our society;
  • To educate the general public, service providers, adult/juvenile offenders, as well as at-risk youth regarding the psychology and sociology of criminality;
  • To change individual attitudes towards criminal behavior; and
  • To change the behavior of all stakeholders within the community to yield better outcomes and prevent delinquency and crime.

Our History

  • History: The Fraternal Order of X-Offenders (FOXO) is a community based organization spear-headed by x-offenders in 1998, who had personal experience, professional academic wisdom and understanding about juvenile delinquency and criminal behavior. FOXO was designed to study and research the prevalence of various socials ills within the communities of Baltimore City, particularly crime, drugs and violence.
  • At present, FOXO has a proven track record of facilitating public forms and workshops which serve to articulate, educate and stimulate positive change throughout effected organizations. FOXO indentifies and develops partnerships which serve to build capacity in community based organizations sufficient to address pathologies in a self help approach. FOXO also assists with assessing funding sources and developing effective strategies.

Our Leadership


  • Brother Ellsworth Johnson-Bey, Founder, President & CEO
  • As an ex-offender, Brother Bey knows firsthand the socializations of the criminal population. After his re-entry into the society, Brother Bey studied and experienced firsthand the barriers to becoming a productive citizen. Intent on helping himself and others, he sought knowledge and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and in 2000 started F.O.X.O. as a means to counter the bleak outlook of ex-offenders and juveniles susceptible to criminal influences. Brother Bey has more than 50 years experience dealing with the criminal justice system, which includes being client, student, practitioner and researcher of criminal justice, criminology and criminal law. As a preeminent subject matter on ex-offenders and the socialization of criminals,
  • Brother Bey has been in great demand as a speaker and workshop facilitator, delivering a message of prevention and hope out to offenders and the community at large.
  • Ray Linnear, Outreach
    Ayzha Corbett, Executive Administrator
    Raymond Marbury, Fellow


  • Tara Andrews, Esq., Chair
    Rev. Josephine Ridgley, Vice Chair
    Carla Corbett, Treasurer
    Ayzha Corbett, Secretary
    Thomas Ridgley